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The best way to play with your Furby


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Furby BOOM! is a software complement for playing with a Furby, and ideally, it's better to use it when you have a Furby close by.

Whether or not you have a Furby with you, though, Furby BOOM! lets you participate in different minigames where the protagonists are the happy Hasbro pets. You can also collect Furbies from Easter eggs.

Some of the minigames you can enjoy with Furby BOOM! include Picnic, where you can create different recipes using ice, soda, tea leaves, and other items; and Shower, where you give your Furby a bath using hot or cold water.

Furby BOOM! is a very interesting complement for those who have a Furby, and still fun for those who don't. The visuals are nicely done, even though it has a bit too much advertising (Furby ads pop up all the time).

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher

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